Whether you’re searing a Wagyu steak to perfection or steaming broccolini from the garden, your favorite ingredients sizzling away in your kitchen are a sign of yet another amazing meal to come. Unfortunately, the steam, grease and odors that result from cooking can linger, creating unpleasant odors and potentially compromising your indoor air quality. If your kitchen is not equipped with a range hood or other ventilation system, downdraft ranges, cooktops, and retractable hoods offer an elegant solution to help clear the air while you experiment with your latest recipes.

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What Is A Downdraft Range or Cooktop?

A downdraft range or cooktop integrates the ventilation system directly into the cooking surface, eliminating the need for an overhead vent. A retractable unit—sometimes called a downdraft range hood—is another form of downdraft ventilation that rises from near the cooking surface when in use. These systems help capture smoke, steam, grease particles, and odors at the cooking surface, pulling them down and out of the kitchen before they can escape into the air.  

Smoke and odors can be vented outside through duct work, or air can be filtered and recirculated inside with a duct-free vent accessory. Ductless vent accessories can be installed with a cooktop to filter the air before it re-enters your home. KitchenAid offers a ductless downdraft vent kit that fits several brands of cooktops and can help you avoid costly renovations in kitchens without outdoor ventilation.

Since downdraft ventilation systems eliminate the need for an overhead vent, they are a great option for open floor plans, kitchen island cooktops and kitchens that lack range hood capacity. Whatever system you choose, downdraft ventilation can help you fearlessly flambé seafood or sauté garlic along with other pungent ingredients without the lingering smells.


If you prefer a full range but are unable to accommodate a range hood to pair with it, an integrated downdraft system is a great choice. Available in both electric and dual fuel options, you can purchase a downdraft range from KitchenAid that matches your favorite cooking style. Additional oven features like Even-Heat True Convection, SatinGlide® Max racks, and large capacities give you a complete cooking experience that keeps up with your imagination.


If your kitchen can’t accommodate a traditional range hood or microwave hood combination, a downdraft range hood vent may be a good option. Ideal for flush mount cooktops, downdraft range vents can retract to become level with your cooking surface when not in use. No matter which model you choose, KitchenAid® retractable downdraft systems are designed to help clear the air so you can focus on your next meal.

What’s the difference between a downdraft hood and a downdraft cooktop or range?

These two downdraft systems offer kitchen ventilation without the need for an overhead unit. Here are some important differences between them that you'll want to consider before deciding which one is the perfect fit for your kitchen:
Downdraft hood sucking up smoke from food cooking on the range

What is a Downdraft Range Hood?

Retractable downdraft hoods—more generally known as retractable downdraft systems—are installed behind your cooktop or slide-in range. They extend while you are cooking, then retract to sit flush with the cooking surface when not in use. Downdraft range hoods provide a sleek, modern solution when your appliance doesn’t have an integrated system and your kitchen cannot accommodate a range hood.

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What is a Downdraft Cooktop or Range?

A downdraft cooktop or range features a ventilation system integrated right into the cooking surface of the appliance. This style of integrated ventilation for a range or cooktop is always ready to use and always out of the way. For cooktops, keep in mind that you’ll need under-counter cabinet space to house the blower and plenum, two components that are essential to the operation of a downdraft cooktop.

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How do I cook using a downdraft electric range or cooktop?

For best results, the downdraft ventilation fan for an electric range or cooktop should be turned on before any of the heating elements. Tall pots should be located on burners closest to the vent. In some models, this may be to the rear; in other models, this may be the center. During cooking, a higher heat setting may be needed to compensate for airflow along the cooktop surface. Higher fan speeds may remove heat from cookware. Our electric configurations come in 2-burner or 5-burner options.

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Does a downdraft fan impact gas range or gas cooktop performance?

When using a downdraft range or cooktop with gas burners, you may wish to make adjustments to your cooking style so you continue to get the best results. When cooking with gas, it’s important to use a lower fan setting or a higher burner setting for optimal performance. Adjusting to the lowest fan setting required for the load and making adjustments in burner power can help maintain cooking performance. We offer configurations of 4-burner, 5-burner or 6-burner gas cooktops.

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Maintain the clean lines and sleek look of an open kitchen design with a downdraft cooktop in gas or electric. Cooktops can be outfitted with a duct-free ventilation kit to add even more flexibility to this installation.

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Discover the right ventilation option for your kitchen

Need to find the right kitchen vent option for your home? Shop the complete line of range hoods and downdraft vents from KitchenAid for a premium look and exceptional performance no matter your kitchen style or layout.

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