Not only are stand mixers essential to any Maker’s kitchen they can be a fun addition to your kitchen decor and they come in a range of colors as unique as you. Depending on space constraints and your kitchen layout, these heavily used appliances can present some creative storage opportunities for Makers. Happily there are a number of ingenious ways to store your stand mixer and keep it close at hand for when inspiration strikes.

Whether you’re working within an existing space or thinking about custom solutions, read on to discover three great stand mixer storage ideas. These three solutions – out in plain sight for everyone to admire, under cabinet storage or a mixer lift cabinet – can work within a range of budgets.

Blue KitchenAid® Artisan stand mixer sitting on white countertop in white modern kitchen with open shelving and brown wooden cabinets.


The easiest and most common place to store your stand mixer is on your countertop. Countertop storage keeps this frequently used culinary icon within easy reach for unlocking creative possibilities in the kitchen. Here are three important things to think about when you’re considering storing your stand mixer on your counter.


Because today’s mixers come in so many colors they can easily coordinate with your kitchen’s color scheme and even serve as a stylish kitchen “accessory” that matches your creativity. KitchenAid offers this kitchen icon in over 40 colors plus a range of finishes to help reflect your unique style and personality. You can also customize your mixer with a personalized engraving and a beautiful bowl. Choose from fifteen unique bowls including copper, ceramic, patterned and embossed ceramics, stainless steel and more.


Find a place on your countertop that’s closest to your prep/baking space so you can prep food more easily. If your countertop space is really limited there are mini stand mixer options from KitchenAid that are lighter, smaller and just as powerful as the classic model.


Maybe you’re going to be out of town and won’t be using your stand mixer for a while – to help protect your stand mixer from dust and lint consider a stand mixer cover. We’ve seen Makers create beautiful, personalized covers to complement kitchen decor, and add a pop of color. Many come with pockets to store attachments and cookbooks, making them especially helpful in keeping smaller kitchens organized.  

Black KitchenAid® Artisan stand mixer sitting on orange counter, next to orange range with copper backsplash.


If you have limited counter space, or you need to store your mixer there are some really good ways to do so that we’ve heard from other Makers, including these three:


The most straightforward and economical solution is to clear a spot in an existing lower cabinet and designate it as your baking cabinet. Tuck your stand mixer away with your other baking supplies for easy access and simple organization.


Pullout drawers are customizable cabinet features. This creative storage solution is a step up from simple cabinet storage because pulling the stand mixer out of a lower cabinet makes access super easy and convenient. Because the drawer will pull out from your cabinet into your kitchen you’ll want to plan for enough clearance to move easily around the pullout drawer when it’s extended. Let your cabinet designer know you’re planning to use your pullout drawer for a stand mixer so they can ensure that the cabinet’s weight ratings will accommodate a heavy appliance.


With the proliferation of countertop appliances in many kitchens today, appliance garages are making a comeback. Although this solution can be more expensive, an appliance garage can be a safe and stylish way to store something as important as a stand mixer. An appliance garage can be as simple as cabinetry that sits on a countertop with customizable doors, or as elaborate as a separate floor to ceiling cabinet that can serve as a beautiful way to showcase and display a curated small appliance collection.

Black KitchenAid® Artisan stand mixer sitting on grey countertop surrounded by flatbread and cutting board with fresh herbs and bowl of eggplant.


If you’re a counter “minimalist” looking for a solution that doesn’t require any heavy lifting and adds a bit of flair to appliance storage, a mixer lift cabinet is ideal. This lift is installed in a lower cabinet and is designed to lift the mixer up to cabinet height. You’ll want to consider installing your mixer lift near the area where you do your baking because you can do your mixing right on the shelf your stand mixer sits on. Because this lift pulls out from the cabinet you’ll want to make sure you have about 23 inches for the lift to extend beyond the countertop into your kitchen. The area underneath your lift is perfect for storing your stand mixer attachments and other baking accessories.

Mixer lifts are relatively easy to install and there are DIY solutions available. If DIY isn’t your thing, you can also choose to have your lift professionally built and installed and you can even get your lift customized to match your countertops for an even more seamless and personalized look.


Installing an electrical outlet in your mixer lift cabinet will make this option even more convenient to use.



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